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The object for adding water treatment chemicals to a boiler installation is to prevent deposition in the feed and boiler systems, and corrosion in the feed, boiler and condensate systems.

In order for any programme to be successful, however, not only must the chemicals be correct, but also their application; it is for this reason that we consider the boiler installation. Only with the use APPLIED TECHNOLOGY will an overall water treatment package be effective.

The chemicals would allow for BS 2486 “Recommendations for the treatment of water for land boilers” to be followed and act as a standard for correct operational quality water limits. These are also recommended with the Association of Shell Boilermakers.


Fig1. Ideal Water Analysis ( Economic Boiler Plant )


Fig 2. BS 2486 “Recommendations for treatment of water for land boilers”


BS 2486 “Recommendations for treatment of water for land boilers”

Boiler Types
• Shell ( Fire -Tube ) — to 30 bar
• Water-Tube — to 200 bar
• Coil ( Steam Generation )
• Electrode Boiler
• Circulating Hot Water Boiler -LTHW -MTHW -HTHW


Chemical Treatment Range



Alkalinity Adjustment &

Conjunctional Treatments
H – 200
H – 201
H – 202
H – 203
H – 204
H – 205
H – 206
H – 207
H – 208
H – 209

Blended Alkalis for alkalinity adjustment, pH control, Conjunctional Treatments to aid precipitation of mobile flocc for good blowdown in Boiler and Feedwater.

Oxygen Scavenging
H – 211
H – 212
H – 216
H – 218
H – 219

Catalysed Sulphites and Hydrazine to give good O2 scavenging in Boiler and Feedwater.

Tannin Treatments

H – 220
H – 222
H – 224
H – 225
H – 227
H – 228
H – 229

Liquid Tannin Organic based treatments, Non-Critical for use in protecting against corrosion & scale in Boilers, Steam Generators and Locomotives 

Scale Conditioning H – 231
H – 232
H – 234
H – 235

Phosphate based treatments for the precipitation and conditioning of hardness and minerals to prevent scaling in Boiler and Feedwater.

Multi-Function Treatments

( All in One )
H – 242
H – 244
H – 246
H – 248
Liquid Sulphite, Phosphate, Alkalinity builder with Polymers, formulated for untreated, partially treated and ion exchanged softened waters
Sludge Conditioning H – 250
H – 251
H – 252
H – 255
H – 256

Liquid Polymer dispersants for increased mobilisation of boiler sludge, aiding the removal of scale and boiler cleanliness and blowdown.

Condensate Line Protection H – 260
H – 261
H – 262
H – 266
H – 268

Liquid Organic Amines for protection against CO2 , pH control of condensate lines, near and far end protection to prevent corrosion.

Scale Conditioning H – 270
H – 271
H – 272

Scale, solids and deposit remover with an on-line cleaning action.

Foam Suppression H – 290
H – 295

Liquid Antifoam for preventing foaming and priming where carryover is a Problem and difficult to control


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