Food & Beverage Industry

Water Treatment for the Food & Beverage Industry

Like water, food and drink is a basic human need which requires appropriate measures to guarantee high standards of quality and adherence to health and safety legislation.

By nature of the industry, immense amounts of water are required for the various stages of production. It therefore goes without saying that this water must be safe, clean, and able to allow the best possible performance while considering cost management.

HydroChem has extensive experience working with food and beverage manufacturers, producers and processors, of all sizes.

Regardless of the size of the operation, all guidelines must be adhered to from the moment water enters a process until the final stage where water is discharged.

We can assist food and drink producers to demonstrate to the relevant authorites that they are responsible operators, compliant with industry regulations and standards while addressing cost and process optimisation to ensure excellent end products.

If your business is looking for a water treatment provider for the food and drink industry, HydroChem has the full range of services to boost your process, address water consumption and offer environmentally friendly solutions while, most importantly, reducing any operating costs.

Whether it’s reverse osmosis, water quality measurements, the treatment and protection of cooling towers and boilers or water reuse and recycling technology, you need professional support.

HydroChem Group’s range of water treatment and wastewater treatment services include the solutions applicable to your food and beverage process needs.

For more information on the water management regimes HydroChem recommends within the Food & Beverage sector, contact us today.

The Role of Water in Product Safety

In the Food & beverage sector it is a legal requirement to supply product that is safe to consume.

Water is a key ingredient in all products, as an ingredient, cleaning-in-place (CIP), washing services or as a processing aid. From influent to effluent, HydroChem Group can help you utilise this vital commodity in your process to deliver:

• Cost effective cleaning

• Potential energy savings

• A safe and secure alternative to traditional chlorine products

• Effective disinfection for process water and in cleaning regimes

Sector Applications and Benefits – Process Water and & CIP – Disinfection and Sanitization

HydroChem can provide a range of chemicals and support services to maintain your plant and equipment, keeping it cleaned and mitigating the risk of harmful pathogens such as Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli.

Our advanced formulations are the leading disinfectants in the UK, and are safe to the product, the environment and to those handling the chemicals throughout the whole process.

We pledge to ensure there are:

• No harmful residues

• No chlorites or chorates

• Savings on rinse time

• Odourless, tasteless and harmless

Whether dosing CIP water, using a surface disinfectant or pre-treating water as an ingredient, our range of accredited chemicals provide as a safe and effective alternative.


Water Treatment, Filtration and Treatment

Using our skilled workforce we can service, clean and monitor cooling towers, steam boilers, AHUs, chilled and heating systems. We also formulate and blend our own treatment chemicals to give you even greater assurance that as a trusted supplier, HydroChem can offer a one stop shop for all your requirements.

We can design and install alternative water supplies such as borehole, grey water and rainwater recycling depending on the needs of your business. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ policy here, you can rest assured that HydroChem will take care of the full process from the planning stage through to completion.

A key benefit for our current customer base is the fact that the return on investment is fast on this very efficient way of gaining a free sustainable water supply.

We will provide documentation which will show that Legionella Control and Water Hygiene Monitoring Working to HSG 274 parts 1, 2 & 3 has been followed to the letter, therefore ensuring your facility is both safe and compliant.

Our trained Safewater engineers and consultants provide a range of value adding services which include:

• Legionella risk assessments of water systems

• Control and monitoring of water systems and reactive maintenance when required

• Training

• Auditing

• Sampling and testing of water


The full range of HydroChem Services:

Water Treatment - Industrial

We are leading supplier of Legionella compliance services, water hygiene risk assessment, water treatment, installations and maintenance.

Water Treatment - Domestic

Assessing systems that may pose a risk to exposure to legionella, including humidifiers, air washers, emergency showers and indoor ornamental fountains.

Risk assessment

Ensuring all commercial premises have a statutory duty to control the risk of legionella bacteria in water systems. 

Water Hygiene

Protecting the public from hazards associated with bacteria in water systems particularly Legionella.


We offer an extensive range of water treatment chemicals to suit all processes and requirements.

Chemical Cleaning & Disinfections

We have dedicated teams of experienced engineers to diagnose and give site specific recommendations.

Plant & Equipment

We offer a vast range to ensure that processes are effectively operated to their maximum advantage and costs.


After a Legionella risk assessment, it is likely that corrective or improvement works are required to bring your system up to compliance.

Mould, Air & Surface Remediation

Our protocols allow a building or site be kept clean, environmentally sound and free of contamination.

Borehole Water Treatment

We offer an extensive range of borehole water treatment options to suit all processes and requirements.