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Modern Cooling in buildings or systems employed for process cooling are highly automated to maximise flexibility and economy and minimise supervision. 

The cooling media employed is usually air or a liquid ( usually water or a solution of water and antifreeze ). The Chiller system used in Air conditioning or Process usually operates between 4 and 12 deg Centigrade but Industrial processes may operate at considerably lower temperatures necessitating the use of anti freezes or brines to achieve this. 

Multi-metals make up the construction of the plant and equipment. The liquid is circulated or moved through the s stem through a continuous loop pipework using pumps. 

To protect the water system and ensure that it operates functionally without problems water treatment is employed. Corrosion and Scale inhibitors protect the system although Microbiological problem could also be used in some cases. 

Working with BSRIA BG 50 ” Water treatment of Closed Heating and Cooling Systems ” this standard covers all stages of the life span of a closed circuit and is used in conjunction with BS 8552 ” The sampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems “ 

All HydroChem chemicals may be simply tested for in the field for good protection from scale and corrosion, dosing is easily carried out with the correct limits for this. 

Chemical Treatment Range



Corrosion and Scale Inhibition H – 310
H – 312
H – 315
H – 317
Liquid scale and corrosion inhibitor based upon a buffered Nitrite formulation blends for multi-metal protection.
Corrosion and Scale Inhibition H – 320
H – 325

Liquid inhibitors based upon Molybdate formulations

Corrosion and Scale Inhibition H – 331
H – 332
H – 333

Tannin based liquid scale and corrosion inhibitors specifically selected for the system metals

Corrosion Inhibition H – 340
H – 342
H – 345
Powdered inhibitors formulated for use with DI or low hardness waters for large systems.
Deposit and Scale Control
H – 350
H – 351
H – 355
Polymer based liquid formulated products used where extra scale and deposit control required. 

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