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Industry uses large quantities of water for the cooling of its processes. Cooling Towers are for the most prevalent method of achieving this economically and in large volumes.

Whichever Cooling Tower design is used there are three principle objectives in treating cooling water and all are interrelated and can be summarised :-

• To prevent Scale, formation on the heat exchange transfer surfaces
To prevent Corrosion of metal surfaces in contact with the cooling water
To prevent Biological fouling organisms or suspended deposits in the cooling water

The Cooling Tower system circuit will comprise of a Cooling Tower, Circulating pumps, Heat Exchangers and connecting pipework.

Cooling Towers are a type of heat exchanger that allows water and air to come into contact with each other to lower the temperature of the process or system water. This allows for a system to cool down and may be in association with other water treatment equipment such as Chillers or Industrial process cooling.

The cooling tower of an open circuit acts as a giant vacuum cleaner, scrubbing the air that is drawn into it, retaining the airbourne material within the recirculating water. This is a continuous operation and the suspended matter will build up deposits on the internal surfaces of the system seriously affecting the efficiency of the heat exchangers and the free circulation of the water. At the same time additional deposits caused by corrosion products and microbiological growth within the system will add to the fouling problem. The result of this deposition will be an increased water demand in an endeavour to maintain the design level of heat removal from the system. The introduction of a complete, planned water treatment programme is essential to overcome these problems.

Chemical Treatment Range



Corrosion Inhibitor H – 402
H – 403
H – 404
H – 405
Zinc, Triazole based to prevent against corrosion of metals including copper protection deposit control
Scale Inhibition H – 406
H – 407
H – 408
H – 409
Phosphonate based treatments “ Threshold “ principle similar to Polyphosphates but without their disadvantages.
Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors H – 410
H – 411
H – 412
H – 414
Combined scale and corrosion inhibitors with multi-metal with copper protection and deposit control.
H – 420
H – 422
H – 424
Low toxicity scale and corrosion inhibitors molybdate based with multi-metal, corrosion and scale deposit protection with dispersant.
Deposit Control
H – 430
H – 431
H – 435
Polymer and Chelant treatments to give extra deposit control.
H – 450
H – 451
H – 452
Polymer treatment with added dispersant for antifoulant deposit control.
Multi Duty Treatment
H – 464
H – 465
Non foaming Amine based treatment for corrosion control and bio control with dispersant action.
Scale & Deposit Control
H – 472
H – 474
Blend of organic and Phosphonate compounds the removal and control of scale deposits.
Foam Suppression     
H – 490
H – 494
Anti-foam prevention and forming.

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