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Chemtreat Range

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Cleaning technologies have the potential to be highly effective in terms of performance. The action of cleaning chemical(s) works on what is the surface and substrate being cleaned.

Many chemical cleaning agents are available, and it is only by experience and having carried out the process for that clean can you determine the solvent, chemical, or product that may be used.

You must determine the safety aspect, performance, and methodology all of which are governed by cost and application.

It is therefore sometimes impossible to 100% carry out a full chemical clean using one chemical or process and it may be necessary to repeat or use a different chemical or method following the initial actions.

Reaction to metals and surfaces should be considered with drain down, rinsing, and final wash down to remove any excess chemical in the process. This will all involve the disposal of the cleaning solution with its neutralisation. The environmental impact in the procedures should always be considered and carefully managed.

HydroChem offers a solution to many cleaning problems and has experience in the field and many years of conducting procedures have given it a lead in assisting clients either by carrying this out or offering consultation on how to do this in-house. The formulated chemical blended products ensure that the needs of the client are met in their requirements and fully exploited in the delivery to meet expectations.

The Chemical Cleaning product list is not exhaustive and each problem, although may be identified, could require pre-cleaning laboratory assistance. HydroChem offers the use of its laboratory to carry out trials and destructive testing of deposits or scale for conclusive action in the remedy of the problem. A one-off chemical may be formulated for the client which has been done many times to ensure the right result is achieved.

HydroChem has a guide to solvent applicability and compatibility of materials of construction with ideal maximum temperatures with which the chemical should be used. Let us assist you with the best chemical product for your needs.


Chemical Treatment Range



Hydrochloric based
H – 701
H – 702
H – 703
H – 704
H – 705
H – 706
H – 707
Range of acid for descaling and clean up of corrosion in systems such as steam boilers, heat and chilled water units. Acid may be inhibited or blended with other chemicals to enhance efficacy.  
Organic Based Acids


H – 710 F
H – 711 F
H – 712 F
H – 713 C
H – 714 C
H – 715 S

H – 716 S
H – 717 S
H – 718
H – 719

A full range of organic acids both liquid and granular some with an inhibitor, disinfectant and colour change inhibitor for ease of use.
Multi-use, Showerhead Descalers


Alkaline Cleaners
H – 720
H – 721
H – 722
H – 723
H – 724
H – 725

Alkaline based for use in hot, cold applications. Based on Caustics, Soda, Phosphates, Carbonates with Surfactants. Used for alkaline boil outs in steam boilers, hard surface cleaning, TFR’s

Acid Blends Multi Use
H – 730
H – 731
H – 732
H – 733
H – 734
H – 735
H – 736

Used in rust removal, descaling on most inorganic deposits. Effective simple to use and cost efficient in processes where water problems exist. Range can be formulated to conditions with different acids and additives to suit needs.

Neutral Cleaners
H – 740
H – 742
H – 744
H – 746
H – 748

A range of neutral cleaners based Chelants, and Phosphonates with Dispersants for Pre Commission, or On-line cleaning prior to dosing with Inhibitors.

Aqueous based cleaners
H – 750
H – 751
H – 752
H – 753
H – 754
H – 755
H – 756
Using predominantly water these products use surfactants, detergents, emulsifiers, chelating agents, inhibitors, pH buffers amongst others. Clients own requirements formulated for their own use and process.

Surfactant specialist cleaners with corrosion inhibitors 

H – 760
H – 761
H – 762
H – 763
H – 764
H – 765

A range of high performance with corrosion inhibitors specialist cleaners with corrosion inhibitors and blended to use a mix of sequestrants, dispersants, detergents, chelating agents.

Solvent Cleaners   
H – 770
H – 771
H – 772
H – 773

Specific solvent cleaners for specialist application and materials to be cleaned.

Miscellaneous Cleaners
H – 780
H – 781
H – 782
H – 783
H – 784
H – 785

Based upon a range of specific phosphonates, surfactants dispersants and disinfectants. The  H-range will clean and protect Ion exchange resin, RO membranes, Filter media and Boreholes.

Toll Blends to order
H – 790

HydroChem will source and blend chemicals to trial and test in the laboratory to meet the clients needs and problems from its vast worldwide experience in all sectors of the Industry.

Stabilised Peroxide
H – TR3
H – TR6
H – TR10
H – TR16
H – TR30
Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfection purposes in all sectors including food, beverage, sports, leisure, pharmaceutical, medical, care homes, poultry, abattoirs, swimming pools, drinking water, water treatment and water storage and preservation.


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