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Biocides represent chemical agents and formulations to control and eliminate harmful microorganisms. An appropriate biocide protocol is important in treating waters in use for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic applications in system maintenance programs.

Biocides by their name are chemicals designed to kill all sizes and life stages of organisms, especially microorganisms, and the effectiveness of biocides varies with the type chosen and concentration of a biocide with the duration of the exposure. Species that are exposed to sub-lethal concentrations, or for too short of time may be damaged but survive and or mutate.

Biocides are produced in liquid, powdered and solid (tablet ) form, in ready-to-use formulations or as concentrates and are applied using a variety of techniques.

Biocides also may be described by their action type :-

OXIDISING BIOCIDES the most employed type which are used in water treatment.

• Chlorine and deriatives ( hypochlorous acid, bleach, etc ), chlorine dioxide,
• Bromine and derivatives ( activated bromides, stabilised bromine chlorides and Hypobromites, etc )
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Peracetic acid
• Ozone 

NON-OXIDISING BIOCIDES used in industrial applications for specific actions

• Isothiazolones (CMIT, MIT)
• Quat compound ( ADBAC, DDAC, THPS, DBNPA, etc)
• Glutaraldehyde, ormaldehyde
• Benzalkonium Chloriode

The above can also be coupled with Dispersants and Enzymes which are non biocidal surface action agents that penetrate and loosen the deposits formed. The biocides act with these microorganisms Iiving in any biofilm and assist in their elimination.


Chemical Treatment Range



Oxidising Biocide
H – 501
H – 502
H – 503
Liquid based Hypochlorite and Chlorite  for chlorine dioxide formation. Effective disinfectant and biofilm remover.
H – 505
H – 506
H – 507

Activator for Chlorite for Chlorine Dioxide.


Non-Foaming Broad

Spectrum Biocide
H – 510
H – 515
H – 517

Active effective in closed and open Spectrum Biocide recirculating systems and static water, also blended for better results.

Slime control  

H – 520
H – 522
H – 524
H – 526
H – 528

Quat bio-dispersant products with good properties in dirty and soiled systems broad spectrum for algae and bacteria.

Bromine based

H – 530
H – 531
H – 534
H – 535
H – 536

Liquid and tablet based for the continuous use in cooling towers and to generate the formation of hypobromous acid for dispersal of biofilm. 
Sodium Bromide range.


H – 540
H – 545

Extremely effective against legionella for open and closed circuits, good against algae and SRB.

Solid based biocide
H – 550
H – 551
H – 554
H – 555
H – 556

Granular and tablet formed. Chlorine and Bromine products, (TCCA, DCCA ) and Cyanuric Acid

Multipurpose biocide

(Slime control)
H – 570
H – 572
H – 575

Effective in clean ups and used in seawater applications, ballast tank and pipeline protection (fire systems), slime control.

Clarifying agent
H – 580
H – 585

Non foaming broad spectrum biocide for algae excellent in dirty systems.

Food and allied Industries
H – 590
H – 592
H – 595
H – 597

Effective biocides for food industry, wash and wiping down.

Stabilised Peroxide
H – TR3
H – TR6
H – TR10
H – TR16
H – TR30

Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfection purposes in all sectors including food, beverage sports, leisure, pharmaceutical, medical, care homes, poultry, abattoirs, swimming pools, drinking water, water treatment and water storage and preservation.


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