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Water that is safe to drink is called Potable Water. Potable Water is not pure water because it contains dissolve minerals. These dissolved minerals or salts are controlled to a level which the water is safe for human consumption without microbes that could cause health issues.

Water is usually classed as the universal solvent it occurs as a liquid on the surface of the Earth under normal conditions, which make it invaluable for transportation, for recreation and as a habitat for a myriad of plants and animals and of course humans for whom it is essential for life.

Pure water is rarely found in nature. Impurities occur in three progressively finer states, Suspended, Colloidal and Dissolved. The supply of a water however poor may be treated effectively. However, it may take more than one single treatment or chemical addition to be effective and the treatment used appropriate to the specific problem.

Water dissolves small amounts of almost anything it encounters, it may have absorbed contaminants from the atmosphere, gases from industry which continue to dissolve in the ground.


Different methods of treatment are required for: –

Suspended Matter – Debris / Solid particles

Colloidal Matter – Finer particulate debris

Dissolved Solids – Minerals from the ground

Organic Pollution – Decomposed Organic wastes or contamination

Tastes, Odours, Colour – Vegetative Organic contamination or growths

Hardness – Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonates from strata

Metals – Iron, Manganese, Lead etc from ground minerals

Salts – Chlorides, Sulphates, etc from ground salts

Corrosiveness – Low pH from minerals and CO2 form atmosphere

Contamination – Fertilisers, Pesticides, Detergents and waste products


HydroChem are experienced in the treatment of waters for use in Potable applications for Farms, Private water supply from Boreholes, Rivers and Springs.

The ( WHO ) World Health Organisation have Standards for Potability ( Potable pipe water supplies ) and is used by all countries as its guide.

Should waters exceed this permissible guidance Water Treatment may have to be carried out. This usually could include Settling of Solids, Coagulation, Filtration, Desalination and Disinfection.

Chemicals play a major part in the treatment and preservation of water quality. HydroChem can supply these products and assistance with testing and guidance as a matter of course for its use and storage.

Chemical Range



Flocculants H – 601 A
H – 601 N
H – 601 C
H – 605
Flocculants of various ionic nature suitable for clarification of waters sewage and other effluents. Used as part of clean up process.
Domestic and Potable Water Treatment H – 620
H – 622
H – 625
H – 627
Liquid Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors to protect Domestic and Industrial systems, potable water Storage and delivery pipelines to prevent “Red Water “
Domestic and Potable Water Treatments H – 630
H – 635
Sparingly Soluble glassy Silico Phosphate anti-scale/ corrosion protection product.
Domestic and Potable Water Treatment H – 640
H – 642
H – 644
H – 646
pH and Re-mineralisation liquid and solid.
Domestic and Potable Water Treatments H – 650
H – 652
H – 654
H – 656
H – 660
H – 662
Evaporator scale inhibitors for the production of potable water from seawater and aid industry process such as sugar industry.
Water Treatment process H – 664
H – 666
H – 668
Media for Ion Exchange Softening, De-mineralisation. Mixed bed, Cat and Anion, De-Alk, Nitrate, Iron, Manganese, Carbon Turbidity, Organics and Tannin.

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