Mould, Air & Surface Remediation

The Safe Building programme has been designed to ensure that buildings, work environments and homes are safe for their use and the people who are in them. Safe Building protocols allow for the integrity of a building or site to be made safe, kept clean and environmentally sound.

HydroChem understands the complexity of the problems that can face the population in working and living conditions which may affect  health and welfare. It is not only the air circulating within buildings but also the contaminants leading to ill health and the ingress of pollutants which aggravate sick building syndrome.

Causes of sickness and malaise today evoke theories with experts having differing ideas of causes whether it be chemical, fungi that are primarily to blame or physical factors such as humidity, temperature, lighting or the air conditioning itself.     

Safe Building protocols allow for the integrity of a building or site to be made, kept clean, bacterially free from moulds and environmentally safe. These protocols used are primarily the sampling, testing of the affected space, airborne pollutants, cleaning and remediation of  contamination, moulds, spores and fungi of the affected areas. A report with findings, recommendations on future use of spaces on completion of the process.

Exposure Risks.

Air Contamination, gases or other toxic agents generated in spaces. These could be ventilation problems, fumes from building fabric, equipment use or heating, furniture, flooring off gases.

Hypersensitivity, allergenic potential and sensitivity to moulds, fungi and spores due to reaction to microorganisms in build environment.

Sick building syndrome, a common term given to any unknown cause of regular illness in buildings. Sufferers have increase of dryness of skin, eyes, nose and throat to tiredness, headaches and allergic asthmatic conditions.

Surveys and monitoring should initially be carried out in affected buildings. Assess by walking through and inspection to look for sources of contamination. Measurement of temperatures, humidity air movement and other parameters. Gases, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur, Formaldehyde, Respirable Particles these are a few. Microbiological Organisms such as mould, spores and fungi. These measurements may indicate a problem which then can be remediated.

What are Moulds, Spores and Fungi ?

Mould, spores and fungi are everywhere.  Mould growth may be part of the natural world but it does not mean that it is healthy. They inhabit our lives. To have mould in our everyday spaces, in our houses, offices, outside areas, the very air we breathe. We inhale their microscopic spores sharing the world they live.

Fungi- or more commonly referred as Mould is the most prolific and resilient organism known to nature.

Fungi consumes nutrients which reproduce and develop wastes and offspring in the form of Spores. (seeds) these are too small for the naked eye to see and off gases which have a defined odour.

Spores of Fungi can lay dormant for years until the right conditions develop, ( humidity, temperature etc ). A single spore can generate upwards of 10,000 + spores every 72 hours each generating the same from each one.

Moisture ( humidity ) therefore is the main cause of problems with a food source and a lack of ventilation ( air movement ). Without its effective removal with proper treatment it can cause much damage and health related problems in domestic areas, buildings, mobile homes, caravans, public transport ( buses, trains, boats even cars ). It can be internal or external in its development on surfaces.

Fungi this unassuming organism as mould achieves notoriety in its effects on health. The general mould categories are :-

Allergenic– unlikely to cause illness but aggravates allergies.

Pathogenic-May cause infection to the immunocompromised people.

Toxigenic-Toxic to all humans and animals who comes in contact.

Remediation Services

HydroChem Group offer full remediation and clean up services to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial clients. A typical undertaking would be the following but not necessarily the full work carried out.

Investigation/Site survey to visit the site to appraise problem and take samples and give a report.

Remediation of problem. Commence clean up and instigate HydroChem three part protocol which offers :-

Oxidative clean using Hydro Tr 5 to eradicate and remove mould and microbiological deposits.

Disinfection using HydroChem Sterichelle sterilant solution.

Inhibition of affected areas using Hydro Bio-Stat solution.

Sampling of treated area with results and certificate of disinfection on completion of remediation.

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