Pharmaceutical Industry

Water Treatment for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceuticals and drugs market is substantial and continues to grow as the industry strives to improve quality of life through innovation.

From drugs research and product development to pharmaceuticals manufacturing, this enormous industry has a significant reliance upon water as part of various operations and processes with an ever-present requirement for pristine conditions.

Naturally, the pharmaceutical industry must meet strict regulations while at the same time facing challenges of improving productivity without impacting upon costs.

The correct water management programme will assist pharmaceutical companies with maintaining high standards of quality through system optimisation, whether concerned with manufacturing, fabricating or processing drugs.

HydroChem Group offers the technical expertise and forward-thinking culture demanded by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure clean, safe and protected water, supported with the guarantee of superior service quality.

If you are looking for a water treatment provider for the pharmaceutical industry, HydroChem will streamline your process with increased productivity and reduced costs.

We will ensure legal compliance and offer options with a focus on achieving sustainability goals through environmentally friendly solutions.

From methods to meet water quality standards, cooling water treatment programmes to water reuse and recycling technology and more, HydroChem’s range of water treatment and wastewater treatment services include the solutions applicable to the treatment of water for all pharmaceutical needs.

For more information on the water management regimes HydroChem recommends within the pharmaceutical industry, contact us today.


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The full range of HydroChem Services:

Water Treatment - Industrial

We are leading supplier of Legionella compliance services, water hygiene risk assessment, water treatment, installations and maintenance.

Water Treatment - Domestic

Assessing systems that may pose a risk to exposure to legionella, including humidifiers, air washers, emergency showers and indoor ornamental fountains.

Risk assessment

Ensuring all commercial premises have a statutory duty to control the risk of legionella bacteria in water systems. 

Water Hygiene

Protecting the public from hazards associated with bacteria in water systems particularly Legionella.


We offer an extensive range of water treatment chemicals to suit all processes and requirements.

Chemical Cleaning & Disinfections

We have dedicated teams of experienced engineers to diagnose and give site specific recommendations.

Plant & Equipment

We offer a vast range to ensure that processes are effectively operated to their maximum advantage and costs.


After a Legionella risk assessment, it is likely that corrective or improvement works are required to bring your system up to compliance.

Mould, Air & Surface Remediation

Our protocols allow a building or site be kept clean, environmentally sound and free of contamination.

Borehole Water Treatment

We offer an extensive range of borehole water treatment options to suit all processes and requirements.