Air & Surface Remediation

The Safe Building programme runs alongside Safe Water but may be used in conjunction with it – or as a standalone regime – as it implies to make the building and its environs Safe.

Safe Building protocols allow for the integrity of a building or site be made, kept clean and environmentally sound.

The protocols used primarily are the sampling, testing, cleaning and remediation of mould, spores, and fungal contamination with certification of areas treat on final completion of the process.

What are Moulds, Spores and Fungi?

Fungi – or more commonly referred as mould – is the oldest most prolific and resilient organism known to nature.

Fungi consumes nutrients which reproduce and develop wastes and offspring in the form of spores (seeds) and off gases.

Spores can be dormant for years until the right conditions develop (humidity, temperature etc). A single spore can generate 10,000 spores every 72 hours. 

Moisture (humidity) therefore is the main cause of problems with lack of ventilation. Without treatment and effective removal, it causes much damage and health related problems in buildings, mobile homes including caravans and Public Transport Vehicles. It can be internal or external in its development on surfaces.

Exposure Risks

Allergenic potential and sensitivity to moulds are common and are particularly problematic to asthmatic to allergy sufferers.

Mould induced hypersensitivity pneumonitis is the most common diagnosis for these sufferers. Resultant main health problems and concerns can be induced from this unless preventative measures are taken.

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Water Treatment - Industrial

We are leading supplier of Legionella compliance services, water hygiene risk assessment, water treatment, installations and maintenance.

Water Treatment - Domestic

Assessing systems that may pose a risk to exposure to legionella, including humidifiers, air washers, emergency showers and indoor ornamental fountains.

Risk assessment

Ensuring all commercial premises have a statutory duty to control the risk of legionella bacteria in water systems. 

Water Hygiene

Protecting the public from hazards associated with bacteria in water systems particularly Legionella.


We offer an extensive range of water treatment chemicals to suit all processes and requirements.

Chemical Cleaning & Disinfections

We have dedicated teams of experienced engineers to diagnose and give site specific recommendations.

Plant & Equipment

We offer a vast range to ensure that processes are effectively operated to their maximum advantage and costs.


After a Legionella risk assessment, it is likely that corrective or improvement works are required to bring your system up to compliance.

Air & Surface Remediation

Our protocols allow a building or site be kept clean, environmentally sound and free of contamination.

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