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Safe Water

The Safe Water Programme is designed to protect the public from hazards associated with bacteria in water systems particularly Legionella.

Whether you operate and manage a Hotel, Health Club, Tourist Attraction or a Leisure Complex which could include Commercial premises, offices, shopping centres and facilities management, Landlord of letting properties for a property portfolio it is important to follow ACOP L8 Health and Safety (HSE) approved code of practice.

This ensures that your management of these resourcs meet the legal obligations to risk of water courne infections and water cleanliness.

  • Water Safety

    HydroChem operate a water programme using it's model of understanding for ease of understanding, clarity and effectiveness.

    The Three Pillars of Water Safety

    > Risk Assessed Hot and Cold Water Distribution Systems, Plant and Equipment
    > Monitored Water Quality
    > Trained and Competent Staff

    When these three pillars are present, staff and users can be assured that everything practical is being done to ensure that water is safe.

    If any one of these three pillars is absent, there is a risk of unsafe water causing an outbreak.
    As measures are put in place, so the water becomes safer.

    But the water will never be completely safe until all three pillars are intact. Even then, the water in Swimming Pools and Spas must continue to be constantly monitored and staff training kept up to date.

    HydroChem have developed an integrated risk management programme for clients that offers a number of significant benefits and features to assist in meeting current obligations as required by the Health and Safety Approved Code of Practice "L8", The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems.

    The requirements under ACOP L8 are 

    • Risk Assessment of the site and equipment / plant (To identify areas at potential risk)                                    
    • To write up a format with schematic plans (logbook format)
    • The assignment of a responsible person to manage/implement a scheme and recommendations)    
    • To keep records (A history of site conditions and test results)
    • HydroChem has formatted these in having one as on-line or as preferred a hard copy manual.
    • Risk assessment of the site and equipment which highlights areas of risk and recommending a course of remedial actions if needed.
    • Regular monitoring and reporting of test results. The reporting of site test results and the certification after inspection.
    • The parameters include TVC's, Coliforms, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Temperature, pH, Hardness and others as requested to suit clients wishes and or meet local authority requirements including private water supply, well water and other source checks and audit monitoring.

    For ease of system identification is available. Managerial effectiveness is ensured to meet compliance with the Health and Safety Executive. Access and visibility of all test results and comments are backed up with downloadable certificates and risk assessments. These also include all email alerts to any authorised users and audited staff which show up out of specification information and results for action on all parties.

    Comprehensive reports include:

    • Online risk assessment
    • Online test results (Log book)
    • Online microbioligal results
    • Online email alerts
    • Online remedial work comment/report
    • SafeWater certificate (for display)

    As an adjunct to above a SafeWater handbook is available for each location.

  • Training Programmes

    Staff training is available as either individual or group sessions with the client being able to request basic to comprehensive modules.

    In order to maintain risks, Managers should ensure that there is appropriate and continuous up to date training of staff.

    • Legionella and Bacteria (What is it)
    • Health and Safety industion
    • Disinfection and operation of water systems
    • On going education
    • Regular updates (BS 8558, HSE ACOP L8)
    • Accessible and relevant reference maretial
  • Online Reporting

    HydroChem have designed and operated an online reporting system for our clients large and small in all areas of water hygiene.

    A dedicated secured site with password access and operating of the tabulated results.

  • Dedicated Safe Water Field Engineers

    On site visits made by our engineers enable actual checking, inspection and monitoring of plant and equipment with rectification of failed units, systems. This allows a full Through Life Support, preventive maintenance to be undertaken in conjunction with the Safe Water Programme. Sampling and Inspections are rigorously carried out. It is recommended that a comprehensive service programme be undertaken, a basic scheme is available and offered to procure different elements of the programme to tailor fit and suit each clients requirements.


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