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HydroChem provides a full disinfection service for all water systems. Water systems require clean conditions to prevent stagnation and microbiological problems manifesting themselves in both Domestic and Commercial usage. 

The contaminants could cause and allow for the proliferation of Legionella bacteria.

HydroChem have engineers who are highly trained and experienced in cleaning and the disinfection of water systems to remove, Scale, Corrosion and Sediment with the Microbiological and Biofilm problems that result in water quality issues that compromise hygiene.

All work is carried out to the latest British Standard which currently is BS 8558 for disinfection and cleaning.

HydroChem uses a Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine based disinfectants to suit the clients’ needs or site conditions.

On-line disinfections are regularly carried out with many sites using a 24 hour constant dosing to protect against biofilm and legionella prevention. These sites are sometimes large facilities and have a large population.

The disinfection is backed up and monitored with our SafeWater Programme and testing of water quality using fully independent laboratories and experienced staff. Full analysis and certification to assure clients that the systems are clean and bacteria free may be issued to meet any hygiene requirements that may be required.

  • Full SafeWater Programme support for water hygiene
  • Full Through Life Support, remediation and disinfection
  • Risk Management
  • Monitoring and Bacterial Analysis
  • Legionella
  • Disinfection Dosing and Service Maintenance.

In addition to engineering, disinfection support, trained chemists and laboratory facilities are available to ensure that clients receive appropriate recommendations for swift action in the event of problems. 

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