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Cooling Towers

Cooling towers

HydroChem provide cooling tower lifecycle services to many blue-chip companies that are involved in activity critical to the UK economy. Our transactions include honesty, openness, and willingness to create a long term relationship for the life of your cooling tower and beyond. When commissioning HydroChem to provide your organisation with a cooling tower installation package, you are not only buying a premium OEM product from a company whose quality, health and safety record is unsurpassed, you are also getting years of expertise developed through a wealth of cooling tower projects and services.

  • Evaporative Cooling
    HydroChem specialise in the turnkey supply and installation of all types and makes of cooling towers. We have alliances with major cooling tower OEM,s enabling us to supply a full service package ranging from design and engineering to project management and installation all over Europe. This ensures premium quality, technical expertise, safe working practices and a cost effective and seamless supply chain. Our supply and installation service covers the following towers:

    • Evaporative cooling towers
    • Dry cooling towers
    • Adiabatic cooler installations

    This encompasses the construction of all cooling systems using various materials including structural steelwork, timber and GRP. HydroChem deliver a first class service from small projects through to more complex and one off projects. HydroChem provide a Europe-wide turnkey service package offering engineering capacity, project management, site management/supervision and qualified, experienced skilled labour which meet CDM requirements enabling us to meet any demand. Our supply and installation service covers the following systems:

    • Counter flow cooling towers
    • Cross flow cooling towers
    • Mechanical draught cooling towers
    • Forced draught cooling towers
    • Natural draught cooling towers
    • Hybrid cooling towers
    • Package cooling towers
    • Quench towers
    • Heat exchangers
  • Maintenance, Repair and Spare Parts
    HydroChem provide a complete package of services from annual cleaning through to a fully comprehensive maintenance package, designed to complement or completely replace in-house maintenance regimes. Our services include an unmatched level of quality advice on system management to deliver high operating availability and efficiency. Our specialist services include:

    • Detailed inspections
    • Internal and external cleans
    • Repairs
    • Refurbishments and upgrades
    • Spare parts
  • Detailed Inspections
    Cooling towers and evaporative condensers should be inspected by competent cooling tower engineers. Failed or deteriorating components compromise performance and can lead to an unexpected or catastrophic failure. HydroChem also undertake cooling tower inspections and tests that are carried out by experienced engineers who can determine L8 compliance, the integrity of structural and internal components and overall cooling tower performance.

    Our inspections cover all types of cooling towers and include all individual associated passive and mechanical parts. Inspections are followed by full written reports including photographic evidence, highlighting any areas of concern or areas requiring further investigation.
  • Cooling Tower Internal and External Cleans
    HydroChem obtains a wealth of cooling tower knowledge obtained from over 30 years in the cooling industry and are experts in all cooling tower designs, including their integral parts and associated plant. A thorough clean is performed by our experienced cooling tower engineers to ensure optimal operation and performance of your cooling system and prevent premature failure of components.

    HydroChem are accredited by the Legionella Control Association, confirming contractor competence. Our technical team will inform you about the latest legislative requirements and make sure your cooling system complies with current required standards and guidelines. HydroChem also offer a chemical cleaning or flushing solution as a remedy for special or high volumes of contamination.
  • Cooling Tower Repairs
    A cooling tower's internal and external structure and its critical components should be periodically maintained and repaired/ replaced if necessary to ensure optimal operation, performance and the best possible availability. We offer a repair service for planned shutdowns and an emergency call out repair service for unplanned breakdowns or failures. HydroChem shall supply and repair any cooling system part whether they are structural, mechanical or individual internal parts, including:

    • Fans
    • Gearboxes
    • Motors
    • Drive shafts
    • Fan stacks
    • Decking
    • Cladding
    • Internal structural members
    • Drift eliminators
    • Distribution parts
    • Cooling medium
    • Louvres
    • Access facilities
    • Timber, GRP, stainless steel
    • Pack media
  • Cooling Tower Refurbishments and Upgrades
    HydroChem’s senior management, engineering and project management teams have an unrivalled track record in turnkey refurbishments and upgrades. We are therefore able to supply innovative cost and time effective refurbishment and upgrade options, especially when outage possibilities are limited, ensuring plant assets are back in operation quickly reducing downtime and production. HydroChem has successfully completed numerous refurbishments, ranging from small package type cooling towers to large induced/forced and natural draught cooling towers.
  • Clean and Disinfection Services
    HydroChem possess unrivalled knowledge with regards to operation and maintenance of cooling towers, safely and efficiently.

    Our cooling tower cleaning service incorporates a wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with innovative techniques, tools and cleaning products.

    A long list of accreditations and qualifications including registration with the Legionella Control Association means that HydroChem are perfectly positioned to undertake any cooling tower cleaning contracts throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

    Cleaning and disinfection of a cooling tower is best achieved by removing the cooling tower pack. The pack constitutes the majority of the wetted surface area within a cooling tower system and as such is one of the main areas where scale, debris and bio-film are likely to accumulate. It is the most difficult area to clean adequately.

    However, where it is not reasonably practicable to remove the pack from the cooling tower, foam cleaning of the pack in-situ can be carried out. HydroChem utilise our own blended Pack-Clean, which is designed to clean in-situ by dissolving scale deposits and disinfecting cooling tower surfaces. On lightly scaled and fouled systems it is used as a replacement for packing removal and as a method for lengthening packing lifespan.

    Our cooling tower cleaning service guarantees that your plant and equipment are operating within the appropriate laws, guidance and legislation. Upon completion, a 'Certificate of Cleaning' shall be issued as required under Section 68(g) of the ACoP L8 Document.

    • Cleaning and disinfection procedures are in full compliance with L8 ACoP and Guidance Legionnaires Disease
    • The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems, BS 6700:1997 and EC Directive 80/778/EEC
    • All HydroChem cleaning and disinfection technicians are experienced and qualified, having undertaken all the required training
    • HydroChem has experience working in array of industries and environments and are therefore flexible enough to work under site or local management rules and instructions
    • Cleaning and disinfection can be employed as a standalone service, or we would be happy to incorporate it into a wider repair and maintenance regime.

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