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Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning / Disinfection

HydroChem have dedicated teams of engineers who are trained and experienced to inspect drawings and plant, diagnose and give site specific method statements with recommendations on chemical cleaning procedures. 

The scope is wide ranging for all types of systems in modern constructed sites. It may entail the cleaning and servicing from a single intervention to multi visits and or regular visits to reduce the risks of problems arising or re-occurring from the actions being undertaken.

  • Chemical Cleaning

    Pre - Post Commissioning - On Line

    HydroChem understands the requirement for modern efficient water systems to be effectively cleaned to the highest degree possible. Our teams of engineers would inspect, evaluate and attend site, using drawings and materials of construction to offer a full system review.

    The water system may be new and just finished its construction by contractors and require Pre Commission Cleaning or it may have been operation for a length of time and experienced problems due to operation neglect or lack of water treatment in its use and require Post Commission Cleaning or (On Line) to restore the efficiency back to its original new condition.

    All work would be to BSRIA Guidelines which are updated regularly to current specifications and best operational practices this being BG 29/2012 at present.

    Drawings and or a walk round would indicate the methodology of the procedures. These would indicate flushing points, injection and filling points with drainage and to waste requirements.

    A site specific method statement with a risk assessment would be prepared and a note of COSHH regulations adhered to. In some cases a water sample to assess the quality of water in a system or to be used would be taken and along with basic microbiological markers. Assessment to this is important to ascertain Biofilm problems which could impact on procedures.

    These procedures meet and exceed BSRIA guidelines (The Building Services Research and Information Association).

    These guidelines follow strict adherrance to the filling, testing, water treatment commissioning and servicing of the system.

    BRISA - BG29 : 2012 - Pre Commissioning of pipework systems

    BSRIA BG50 : 2013 - Water Treatment for closed heating and cooling systems

    BS : 855 2: 2012 - Sampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems


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