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HydroChem offers a full and comprehensive range of services from manufacturing of chemicals, to supplying of water treatment equipment and plant, Legionella Risk Assessments or just a second option. In addition our on-site sampling and testing by our fully qualified engineers who gives on-site support to our customers. Domestic or industrial HydroChem have the ability to work with our customers to achieve the best results.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning / Disinfection


HydroChem provides a full disinfection service for all water systems. Water systems require clean conditions to prevent stagnation and microbiological problems manifesting themselves in both Domestic and Commercial usage. 

The contaminants could cause and allow for the proliferation of Legionella bacteria.

Risk Assessment

Safe Building

The Safe Building programme is an adjunct...

Safe Energy

The  Safe Energy reduction programme is an effective dosing regime that takes the risk out of building maintenance. This programme assists in eradicating all Legionella and Microbiological contamination in water systems, hot and cold. Protecting and minimising environment...

Safe Environment

HydroChem has come to understand the concerns of hygiene in the different sectors of the close environment met by the public in all walks of life. The issue not only comes from water and its contaminants but air and cleanliness of buildings and surface exposure to these.

Safe Water

The Safe Water Programme is designed to protect the public from hazards associated with bacteria in water systems particularly Legionella.

Whether you operate and manage a Hotel, Hea...

Cooling Tower Systems Management

The safe management of Cooling towers.

Hydrochem (UK) Ltd provides a total solution to cooling tower system management, from service visits and monitoring, cleaning, refurb and cleaning works to risk assessment and water treatment systems and chemical supply.

Hydrochem (UK) Ltd ensure that Clients are running their systems in an economical and safe manner. 

Cooling towers are subject to many factors which can affect the efficiency and performance...

Through Life Support

Driven by customer needs and focused to give,

  • Reliability
  • Availability 
  • Maintainability 

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers

HydroChem provide cooling tower lifecycle services to many blue-chip companies that are involved in activity critical to the UK economy. Our transactions include honesty, openness, and willingness to create a long term relationship for the life of your cooling tower and beyond. When commissioning HydroChem to provide your organisation with a cooling tower installation package, you are not only buying a premium OEM product from a company whose quality, health and safety record is unsurpassed, you are also getting ...

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