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Maintenance and Service Chemicals Range

Hydrochem Shower Head Descaler and Sanitiser is an acid based, ready to use descaling solution encompassing a proprietary biocide. 

Hydrochem Shower Head Descaler and Sanitiser has proven efficacy against Legionella.

The product will descale and sanitize showerheads and plumbing fittings in one operation. Hydrochem Shower Head Descaler and Sanitiser should be used neat for effective removal of deposits. 

  • Procedures

    Some moulds are classified as "Toxigenic Mould". These can produce poisonous compounds called Mycotoxins and are linked to long term illness. Contaminated buildings may contain in their environment, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Chladosporium, Stachybotrys and many more. All with resultant no go areas which have got to be isolated to meet with Health and Safety and personnel exclusion zones.

  • Instructions for use

    Whether motivations are economic or environmental, there has never been more interest in reducing energy consumption and dependence upon expensive power usage. Renewable energy projects such as Solar / Photo-voltaic / Wind Turbines and Heat Source Pumps are not viable for most organizations due to the considerable capital investment and return on investment.

    Therefore other methods of cost saving measures must be considered, attention falls on what can be done to reduce consumption. Those responsible for energy reduction have already undertaken the most obvious measures and now face the prospects of diminishing returns; lower potential savings; higher implementation costs and longer payback periods.

    HydroChem have successfully developed an Energy Saving Programme that looks at an area of energy expenditure that has seldom been considered because of legislation and Legionella control i.e. the costs associated with heating domestic hot water. For those involved with the Hotel, Holiday and Leisure sectors or providing Residential Accommodation, Care Homes, Halls of Residence, Governmental Organizations, these costs can be considerable and have, until now been considered an unavoidable expense because of water safety.

    HydroChem commissioned trials and studies with the University of Teesside and have identified that reducing the temperature of hot water by 10° C can lead to savings of up to 24% effectively one week of hot water free for every month of use. And where the temperature can be reduced further, the savings will be higher still.

    All equipment, work, installations and commissioning on site meet with the Health and Safety Executive 'L8' Code of Practice and Guidelines. This is the Prevention or Control of Legionella Bacteria in water systems.

    The method of prevention utilizes the action of Hydro TR16 and approved disinfectant (Silver Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide) accurately dosed to water systems using a tried, tested and extremely accurate dosing unit. Tests and trials have shown that the temperature may safely be reduced to well below what is classified in the traditional approach of storing and using water at above 60° C and recirculating to the services at above 50° C.

    Hydro TR16 is classified as a biocide and the HSE L8 (ACOP) states in its reading that "in water systems treated with biocides where storage and distribution temperatures are reduced from those recommended in the section on the use of temperature to control Legionella. This should be carried out on a monthly basis. The frequency of testing should be reviewed after a year and may be reduced when confidence in the efficacy of the biocide regime has been established".

    Risk seen is minimal, case studies have shown that in continuous dosing ( or dosing on a timed regular basis every few days) can, does and will stop Legionella proliferation along with biofilm formation in water storage and distribution systems, effectively, safely and more efficiently than other disinfection models.

  • Notes

    Hydrochem Shower Head Descaler and Sanitiser can be used sparingly on Chromed and Aluminium finishes.
    On completion of descaling, components should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh mains water before reinstatement of service.
    Hydrochem Shower Head Descaler and Sanitiser should
    not be mixed with other products such as hypochlorite based solutions. 

  • Handling

    Risk Assessment                 Monitoring            Staff Training


    HydroChem Safe Water is specifically designed to assist in meeting all the requirements and obligations that would be in compliance with Health and Safety legislation.

    HydroChem have developed an integrated risk management programme for clients that offers a number of significant benefits and features to assist in meeting current obligations as required by the Health and Safety Approved Code of Practice \"L8\", The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems.

    The requirements under ACOP L8 are 

    * Risk Assessment of the site and equipment / plant. (To identify areas at potential risk)                                    

    * To write up a format with schematic plans. (logbook format)

    * The assignment of a responsible person to manage/implement a scheme and recommendations.   

    * To keep records.  (A history of site conditions and test results)

    HydroChem has formatted these in having one as on-line or as preferred a hard copy manual.

    * Risk assessment of the site and equipment which highlights areas of risk and recommending a course of remedial actions if needed.

    * Regular monitoring and reporting of test results. The reporting of site test results and the certification after inspection.

    * The parameters include TVC\'s, Coliforms, Pseudomonas, Legionella, Temperature, pH, Hardness and others as requested to suit clients wishes and or meet local authority requirements including private water supply, well water and other source checks and audit monitoring.

  • Sample showerhead disinfection procedure

    Showers deliver water at approximately 45°C which is an ideal temperature for pathogens to proliferate. Showerheads act as filters trapping debris and scale which can be used by bacteria both as a nutrient and a safe habitat. When water stagnates bacteria are allowed to multiply. Cleaning and disinfecting showerheads on a regular basis removes both the nutrients and habitat required by bacteria, thus minimising the risk of any legionella bacteria which may be present in the water from multiplying. 

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