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Plant and Equipment

With its 30 years’ experience in the water treatment industry and knowledge of systems and processes, HydroChem offers to clients a vast range of Plant and Equipment to ensure that processes are efficiently and effectively operated to their maximum advantage and costs.

The design of systems and packages for clients comes from a range of equipment which is assembled, installed and commissioned by experienced engineers with many years of multi trade knowledge.

As an adjunct to the equipment, HydroChem offer the supply of a Full Through Life Support programme which is given to ensure the best performance with service to all equipment and treatment plants to show confidence in their operation.

HydroChem work with all major manufactures within the industry and can service, repair or replace water treatment parts and major components.  

The range of water treatment equipment covers many applications a full range of service and supply is tailor made to meet your customer’s needs. 

HydroChem can offer bespoke plant for the following applications.    

  • Filtration (Domestic and Industrial).
  • ION exchange water softeners (Simplex, Duplex)
  • Reverse osmosis (Mains, Well, Brackish and Seawater)
  • De ionisation
  • pH correction control
  • Turbidity removal
  • Iron, manganese & metal control removal
  • U V disinfection / filtration units
  • Skid mounted schemes.

Effective water treatment often requires more than one piece of equipment in a combination or mix of plant to provide a total solution. HydroChem are experienced in chemical processes and have the technical support to ensure the systems are correctly designed to meet all requirements. 


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