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Chemical Dosing Systems

HydroChem offers a wide range of chemical dosing equipment to suit all the needs of clients in their process and operating capacity.

The dosage equipment supplied all feature modern materials of construction to meet the different conditions that may be required of them for continuous long life of use. 

Electronic and electromagnetic, solenoid parts ensure  a long and efficient lifespan of the units in service.

Dosing pots are ideally placed across the main flow and return pipework with the flow from the bottom of the pot and the return in at the top.  This will create the ideal conditions for a rapid intake of chemicals.

If a modern system is dosed correctly it will:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Drop CO2 Output
  • Improve the life cycle of the system

A wide range of controllers are available to signal equipment for pH, turbidity, redox control, chemical and disinfectant usage. 

All instruments are easily programmable and a wide choice of sensors assist in the operation of treatment processes to meet the desired parameters required. 

  • Sizing

    The specific size of the dosing pot is not essential as it only determines the number of times the pot has to be filled to get the correct concentration of dosing chemicals into the system. 

    The concentration of the dosing chemical varies between one and four per cent, depending on type and manufacturer.

    The required volume of dosing chemicals can be calculated as follows:

    Volume of Dosing Chemical = Boiler Power (kW) x 12 litres/kW x 0.01 (based on 1% concentration)

    For example:

    Boiler Power 250 kW x 12 litres/kW x 0.01 = 30 litres of chemical dose.

    Using a six litre dosing pot filled five times will give the required 30 litres of dosing chemical. 

    This method of filling a smaller unit multiple times gives a more accurate and easily manageable dosing of the system.

    This is approximate guide to sizing of Dosing Pots.

    Customer needs to advise the Total System Volume of Water in Litres and then choose from the list below. 

    Up to 1,000 - 3.5 litre

    1,000 to 5,000         - 5 to 6 litre

    5,000 to 10,000 - 10 to 11 litre

    10,000 to 15,000 - 13.5 to 15 litre

    15,000 to 20,000 - 16 to 18 litre

    20,000 to 25,000 - 20 litre

    Above 25,000         - 25 litre 

    Water meter proportional dosing is a very efficient way to accurately dose systems and is widely used. HydroChem have many easily installed units being controlled this way, effectively and economically. Chemical feeders ( Chlorine and Bromine) are also available to be an adjunct to manual dosing equipment such as Dosing pots.

    The range of Dosing Equipment covers but is not limited to :-



    INSTRUMENTS ( Test kits to calibrate) 







    Chemical Dosing units are carefully designed for ease of use for the process desired and each system is tailored by HydroChem technical staff to meet its desired use.


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