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A full range of products are readily available for all aspects of water use from incoming supply to cooling, heating and process applications.

Chemical Dosing Systems

HydroChem offers a wide range of chemical dosing equipment to suit all the needs of clients in their process and operating capacity.

The dosage equipment supplied all feature modern materials of construction to meet the different conditions that may be required of them for continuous long life of use. 


Water Treatment Chemicals

HydroChem offer a very extensive range of water treatment chemicals to suit all processes and requirements to end users. 

The full range of chemical products developed, formulated, manufactured meets ISO 9001 Quality Model of Quality Assurance. The provision of products are backed by expert technical service, up to date equipme...

Plant and Equipment

With its 30 years’ experience in the water treatment industry and knowledge of systems and processes, HydroChem offers to clients a vast range of Plant and Equipment to ensure that processes are efficiently and effectively operated to their maximum advantage and costs.

The design of systems and packages for clients comes from a range of equipment which is assembled, installed and commissioned by experienced engineers with many years of multi trade knowledge.

As an adjunct to the ...

Maintenance and Service Chemicals

  • Steam boiler water treatments
  • Open recirculating water treatments
  • Closed cooling water treatments
  • Closed heating water treatments
  • Biological water tr...

Maintenance and Service Chemicals Range

Hydrochem Shower Head Descaler and Sanitiser is an acid based, ready to use descaling solution encompassing a proprietary biocide. 

Hydrochem Shower Head Descaler and Sanitiser has proven efficacy against Legionella.

HydroChem Products

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