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Hydrochem keeps water towers cool and compliant


Hydrochem UK is helping businesses to ‘be safe not sorry’, with free cooling tower compliance checks.

The company, who is the longest serving water treatment firm in the North East, is offering free cooling tower compliance checks to businesses, ensuring that systems are running in an economical and safe manner whilst taking away the risk of incurring a costly penalty.

Paul Abbott, Water Treatment Sales Manager at Hydrochem UK, said: “Cooling water systems are an ideal environment for scaling and fouling to take place and lack of maintenance can lead to corrosion, loss of efficiency and even the development of legionella bacteria.

“We are happy to carry compliance checks free of charge to businesses, to help make sure that their systems are operating safely. Our compliance checks consist of assessing paperwork, log-books, control scheme and chemicals, as well as identifying any potential issue and getting them resolved before it starts to negatively impact the entire operation and potentially incur a costly penalty if investigated and found guilty.

“We also offer advice around system maintenance and new system installation, our team can also take care of ongoing cleaning, refurbishment and chemical supplies. Often investing in reduction or prevention tactics is the best way to ensure cost effective maintenance in the future.”

Hydrochem provides a complete cooling tower system management service to a number of manufacturing and engineering companies across the UK, covering everything from servicing and monitoring through to system cleaning and problem diagnosis.

If not managed correctly, cooling tower systems are prone to damage which will lead to costly equipment repairs and replacement, as well as reduced efficiency and environmental compliance problems.

Paul added: “Letting us help you keep your system in ship shape condition will not only save you on chemical and energy costs but prevent lost revenue due to system shutdowns.

“Regular inspection and maintenance is key and our team of highly trained water systems engineers can take care of everything, keeping you compliant and safe at all times.”

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