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About Us

HydroChem (UK) Limited also known as HydroChem Group have over thirty years experience in water treatment and allied industries. The company has specialist knowledge in these sectors and was formed in 1989. Founded by current Managing Director Bill Abbott .

HydroChem brought to the United Kingdom an increased level of professionalism and experience that was unknown previously for an independent company in the industry, offering a complete service to clients.

Since the expansion of the facilities at our site, the company has expertise in the manufacture of speciality chemicals. Formulated and designed for all sectors of the water treatment and allied industries. HydroChem also manufactures toll-blended formulas to clients specification for both the UK and export markets. Care with formulations and manufacturing is directly attributable to our attitude of 'Service Commitment' at HydroChem.

HydroChem have manufactured new formulations for different market sectors, including 'Mould and Spore Remediation' products, especially for use in areas of Healthcare, Leisure and Domestic.

Full servicing for 'Through Life Support' to meet clients expectations is monitored and is constantly being developed.

HydroChem operates and meets with its 'Quality Assurance Programme' which complies to the model ISO 9001/2012. This ensures that all areas in the business are covered and meet with the full support implementation and ongoing assessment that constantly monitors HydroChem and its performance.

Using the vast knowledge and experience of all personnel within the company HydroChem (UK) Limited offer a fully comprehensive range of services and supply, including but not limited to :-

  • Steam Boilers

    HydroChem management programme for Steam Boilers is compliant to BS2486 “Recommendations for the treatment of water for land boilers”. The basis of the programme is to ensure that sampling, analysis and monitoring of the water quality is achieved by the utilising of on-site laboratory facilities which an engineer would use. This ensures that the chemical dosing may be optimised for efficient treatment and that the pre-treatment, water softeners, dosing equipment and the chemicals are suited to their use and operation for the process of raising steam in the boiler. During the site visit a report sheet is given along with a verbal consultation on the ideal condition as seen. Recommendations and advice offered for the understanding of the operators and client.

  • Cooling Towers

    HydroChem management programme for Cooling Towers and Open Recirculating Circuits always requires treatment for the protection against corrosion, scaling, deposition and microbiological fouling is met. A mix or all of the aforesaid may be required. This would be given under the guidance of the Health and Safety Executive, ACOP L8 for the arresting and prevention of Legionellosis. As with all programmes the basis control is to ensure that the sampling, analysis and monitoring of the water quality is achieved by the on-site accurate testing with the engineers and a field laboratory. Microbiological samples along with on-site dip slides are taken to check the correct use of the biocide and its efficacy in reducing bacteria. Report forms and bacterial monitoring graphs are given for the attention of operators and clients. This enables the optimum and efficient use of chemicals for the process conditions to be best met.

  • Domestic Water System Monitoring and Disinfection

    Regular monitoring and careful inspection of water systems such as cold water storage tanks may assist in identifying when a clean and disinfection may be required. Changes in water quality could compromise conditions which could result in problems with health and hygiene. HydroChem have a programme that offers a monitoring regime which checks water quality in Domestic, Commercial and Public Systems. It may be seen as prudent to remove, reduce or minimise the undesirable water characteristics to improve the desirable properties of a wholesome water supply to a property.

  • Water Monitoring Programmes

    Water may cause serious health and hygiene problems if neglected. HydroChem have a very comprehensive on-line system to give guidance to clients ahead in some cases of problems arising. The SafeWater programme allows for engineers to monitor all facets of building operations. Temperatures, changes in conditions and analysis of microbiological contamination if present are acted upon swiftly and reported with remedial actions given.

    This is an adjunct to Legionella Risk Assessment and Testing.

    Clients may choose to have a basic or comprehensive contract programme where the management of all of the water treatment quality is achieved by its regular sampling and monitoring. A systematic approach with a balanced solution to water problems to treat the whole rather than partial areas to ensure that water programmes are meaningful in delivering the objectives to enhance clients expectations.

  • Legionella Risk Assessment

    On site conditions change with temperature and process requirements. Legionnaires Disease is very important with Health and Safety being paramount in the contact of personnel and its awareness is always receiving attention.

    HydroChem have a dedicated team of engineers/technicians who are trained to carry out site specific risk assessments and sampling of waters to be independently tested by impartial UKAS laboratories. All requirements are met to adhere to the Health and Safety Executive guide ACOP L8 (Approved Code of Practice). Training of site personnel and staff may be undertaken to enhance the understanding of Legionella and its requirements at the clients premises or using HydroChem training facilities.

    The SafeWater Programme as an adjunct to the Water Monitoring ensures that all systems are regularly monitored and updated at the anniversary of first inspection. This meets requirements to safeguard all parameters that may compromise health in a water system within a building or premises. Full on-line or a hard copy log book is prepared and given to each site and is a record of all actions that have been taken to meet regulatory conditions and guidelines. The importance of the interface between HydroChem and its clients is close and ensures that all information is transparent and the cooperation and sharing of technical assistance is met and covered to protect every eventuality in the clients building systems, site and assets.

  • Chemicals

    HydroChem have vast experience in the blending, formulation and manufacture of chemicals for the water treatment industry. These blends have been developed from the range that was formulated and used in the Middle East. The chemistry involved is still viable and as effective today and many sites in the UK have had these benefits with excellent results in treatment shown to be so.

    The range covers Steam Boilers, Closed Heating and Chilled Systems, Cooling Towers with Chemical Cleaning and Disinfection products. Toll blending is also offered and clients have been satisfied from Africa, Far and Middle East countries along with the UK market. These chemicals may be manufactured to the clients formulations or blended from the HydroChem formulation library and its technical staff.

  • Chemical Cleaning

    On-Line and Pre-Operational cleaning is carried out by engineers at HydroChem. Standards are followed to meet with BSRIA BG29/2012 and CIBSE, these guidelines are industry followed by all experiences companies. 

    On- Line older systems which have been compromised by use and show deposition, corrosion and or scaling may be cleaned to bring back their effectiveness and optimise the efficiency. These may be Heating or Chilled water systems in Commercial or Public buildings. These systems are not shut down or taken off line and may be chemically cleaned without the occupants being aware of cleaning to good effect.

    New systems usually require Pre-operational cleaning with commissioning of plant within the buildings infrastructure. New systems have deposits and millscale present which block or reduce flows making a system inefficient when operational. Careful inspection of drawings and site conditions with engineers would indicate the most efficient method to clean and flush out a buildings system. All metals are carefully taken into consideration when choosing a chemical agent to clean. The same choice is made when considering on going treatment such as inhibitors and microbiocides to effect good and effective longevity of operations with trouble-free problems.

  • Disinfection

    New and old buildings sometimes along with cold water storage tanks have water hygiene problems.

    Microbiological or bacterial problems may exist along with biofilms and corrosion products. The water if left undisturbed for periods, especially in a warm environment could easily become contaminated.

    HydroChem and its trained engineers have great experience in flushing out and disinfecting pipework and associated equipment such as cold, hot water tanks, water mains etc. All ancillary equipment, calorifiers, hot water generators, showers, fire hoses etc. may be a cause for concern and require disinfection.

    Different disinfectants are used depending upon the advantages and environmental concerns of each. Chlorine and its derivitives (Chlorine gas, Dioxide, Hyprochlorites and Compounds) have some good effect. However modern safer 21st century disinfectants such as Silver stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide have replaced these in safety and speed of efficacy. The action of the modern disinfectants clears and cleans biofilms speedily and is not dependent on pH or disposal to waste for its actions. Disinfections are followed with sampling and certification to standards as laid down by the Health and Safety Executive and British Standards BS8558.

  • Chemical Dosing Systems

    HydroChem offers a wide range chemical dosing equipment to suit clients requirements. It specialises in the design, assembly and installation with commissioning of standard and bespoke chemical dosing packages and systems.

    Dosing packages supplied are suitable for many water treatment needs and ancillary dosing to plant and equipment. 

    Dosing pumps with controllers allow for chemical additions to systems such as Steam Boilers, Cooling Towers, Closed Heating and Cooling , Disinfection of Domestic and Commercial waters, Swimming Pools and Spas. 

    Controllers and measuring equipment to suit for the accurate determination of pH, Turbidity, Redox and Chlorine to operate the dosing of systems with a wide range of sensors for these processes are also available.

    Chemical Feeders and Dosing pots enable manual dosing to cover chemical additions. Accessories, Spare parts and through life support enables trouble free use of equipment.

  • Water Treatment Plant and Equipment

    With over thirty years experience in innovation, design, assembly, supply, installation and commissioning of water treatment plant and equipment. HydroChem can offer to the client a vast range of technologies which are up to date and continually developed to ensure that water meets the desired quality that is to be expected. 

    From the simplest of Filters to the complexity of a full water treatment scheme involving  Pre-treatment, Reverse Osmosis with Post treatment we have the experience, knowledge, capability and engineering staff to ensure that the water quality is not compromised and meets expectations for its desired final use. Customised, bespoke contracts are becoming increasingly engineered to meet the solutions that are required.

    With our experience, we advise to the clients needs. All plant and equipment has been the result of extensive research and meets all technical parameters with back up from qualified engineers and staff.

    Water analysis plays an important part in deciding what schemes and programmes are decided. A full introduction is given with a technical discussion on a scheme to be recommended. Scientific background of information is shown to express the knowledge of the understanding to the client which ensures all technological standards are met.

    The systems dealt with for clients are many and varied and are from the simplest filter, water softening, de-ionisation, iron, manganese, pesticide, chlorine removal to complex water plants with membrane filtration and reverse osmosis and followed with after treatment such as disinfection and re mineralisation.

    It is assured that HydroChem has a process, product and service that may be utilised to give benefits for a client and its betterment to its users. We ensure that HydroChem will deliver the very latest and the most up to date solutions to the high standards and ensure that our customers needs are always met and surpassed.       

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