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HydroChem was formed in 1987 as a specialist water treatment company. The company was established as a result of experience in the advanced water treatment industry of the Middle East.


HydroChem offers a full and comprehensive range of services from manufacturing of chemicals, to supplying of water treatment equipment and plant, Legionella Risk Assessments or just a second option. In addition our on-site sampling and testing...


A full range of products are readily available for all aspects of water use from incoming supply to cooling, heating and process applications.

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With one in 10 households in Britain having an outdoor spa, and the popularity of hot tub hire on the rise, Paul Abbott, senior water treatment consultant at Hydrochem, is warning people to take care and be aware of the health risks associated with home hot tubs. 

Welcome to HydroChem

HydroChem UK specialises in water treatment services and chemical products, providing a full and comprehensive range of traditional, advanced and environmentally-friendly solutions to our clients across the UK.

Our experience and abilities are wide-ranging, a customer focused company, HydroChem U.K. have the abilities to take on all manner of water-related issues.

HydroChem have dedicated technical and experienced teams covering the U.K. deliver water treatment programmes across all industries, including commercial, domestic and industrial systems, throughout the private and public sect

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